Fostering The Change ~ Changing the stigma of foster care

Fostering the change

Fostering the change

Fostering the change in stigma. Foster children are often treated as a stigma. A label they never quite get out of. Versus the foster of all the bonus people who love, and embrace them through the moments when they need it the most. By purchasing these items, you are directly helping a foster family.  The links will take you to the Janitor Josh website, so you can learn more about our family.  Thank you for your support. 

Info on becoming a foster/resource family

How can you help?

I know that many people can't be foster parents, but really want to help.  Here is a simple way that you can help by purchasing a shirt that directly helps a foster family.  

Is it hoodie season?

I wear hoodies all year long, even in the summer.  

About us

We are Josh and Crystal.  We are a blended family of Bio, Adoptive, and Foster children.  We don't use titles in our house though.  These are all our children. 


If you would like to send us a message, please reach out.